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Josh will introduce a new song Sunday, called All Sufficient Merit by The Worship Initiative!

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The phrase, "All sufficient merit", has been taken from the modern hymn "Come thou long expected Jesus" when referring to "by thine all sufficient merit,
raise us to thy glorious throne". We see the righteousness of Christ being imputed to us lowly sinners, not as a result of our own work, but that of Christ alone. This is what we sing about and praise the Lord for. 
Our own righteousness is "forfeited at the cross." We bring nothing to the table but a heart of surrendering to Christ as our Savior, Redeemer, and Merit. I hope you find this song encouraging as we look to the cross of Christ for our only merit of salvation. His work was fully and completely sufficient to cover all of our sin, there is no more debt owed. Praise the Lord!
[Verse 1]
All sufficient merit shining like the sun
A fortune I inherit by no work I have done
My righteousness I forfeit at my Savior's cross
Where all sufficient merit did what I could not

[Verse 2]
In love He condescended eternal now in time
A life without a blemish the Maker made to die
The law could never save us our lawlessness had won
Until the pure and spotless Lamb had finally come

It is done it is finished
No more dеbt I owe
Paid in full all sufficient
Merit now my own

[Verse 3]
I lay down my garmеnts any empty boast
Good works now all corrupted by the sinful host
Dressed in my Lord Jesus a crimson Robe made white
No more fear of judgment His righteousness is mine

[Verse 4]
All sufficient merit firm in life and death
The joy of my salvation shall be my final breath
When I stand accepted before the throne of God
I'll gaze upon my Jesus and thank Him for the cross
Yes, I'll thank You for the cross



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